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My parents were Austrians but I was born in Switzerland. Later my mother married a German and I was adopted by my stepdad, growing up in Germany until I was 30. Since then I live in Namibia, first in the capital and now in the beautiful coastal town Swakopmund.

I am married to Sigi, the most amazing woman on the planet and have two beautiful daughters, one in Germany and one in Namibia. Besides software coding, I am an expert in Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts and Energy Healing.

From economics school on, I was hooked to Computer Software developing
(using Commodore 64 with cassette tapes) and after some years with top software companies in Munich (Germany), consequently started my own business.

I’m a Mac-guy since the beginning of the Apple Macintosh, before that I used MS-DOS, MVS, VMS, VM, Cobol and others to control IBM and NEC mainframes in cooled down environments. At the beginning I was involved in System Operating and System Programming, later I moved on to Application Programming.

Spend some years with IBM’s AS, the first 4th generation development language. Later programmed in HyperTalk, AppleScript, RealBasic and RealStudio.

Right now my favourite tool is
Xojo to compile cross-platform for mainly iOS and Mac but also for Windows and Linux.

Nic Kolbe
Nic Kolbe