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  • Computer Science online classes for groups and individuals of all levels
  • Cambridge system or others
  • English and German
  • Online classes using Zoom

  • Computer Wissenschaft online Klassen für Gruppen und Einzelne für alle Grade
  • Cambridge System oder andere
  • Englisch und Deutsch
  • Online Klassen benutzen Zoom
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Computer Science Online Class
Computer Wissenschaft Online Klasse

60 Minutes


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We have here Central Africa Time (GMT +2) and you can choose a time from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for your class.

Please contact me BEFORE you pay about the time slot.

If everything is fine, you can pay and I will send you the Zoom link of the class per e-mail.
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$ 40.— One Class
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$ 60.— Two Classes
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$ 100.— Four Classes