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version 1.7

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YogaTimerPro counts down from a set time, at zero it plays a lovely gong and resets the time for the next round - ideal for Yin Yoga.

YogaTimerPro uses the full screen with very big numbers to display the time and is very useful for teachers that move through the class, to see the remaining time from a distance.

The whole screen works as start/stop button. The app comes with three beautiful backgrounds plus a black and a white background, it is very simple to set up, to change the time interval or to change the font color from white to black.

When the counter reaches zero and the app is active in front, YogaTimerPro uses the digitized sound of Tibetan singing bowls. You can choose between three sounds or mute.

The app supports that you play your iTunes play list in the background whilst using YogaTimerPro. Time can be set from 1 to 99 minutes.

This is NOT for building Yoga sets, it's a full screen timer!

Developed by Yogis for Yogis.


iOS 12.4.6 ready

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